The Seduction of Nihilism



"It's interesting that we associate seduction with sex, when in fact, true seduction is the opposite of sex. Sex is when desire is met. Seduction is not about the culmination or gratification of desire; it is about the thrill of the desire itself. It is the game that is played as the desire comes closer, and closer, and closer, and being able to maintain that tension of wanting for a long, long time".

Kitty Cavalier

The seduction of nihilism is so subtle it is almost as if there is nothing to observe.

What is the phenomena that I am referring to when I talk about the seduction of Nihilism? Are we talking about a phenomenon rooted in our psychological make up? Are we talking about a branch of Philosophy? Are we talking about a Scientific proven observation?

Nihilism is very much like a dog chasing his tail. We are almost certain we can catch it if we can just get close enough to it. But it is also like an optical illusion. We know that there is something there. We just feel that our perceptions or reasoning is playing a trick on us.

Let us begin this inquiry with the language of mystery and the fear of the unknown. Darkness has always been seen as a symbol for mystery and the feminine. We see chaos as unpredictable and dangerous and even Evil and Destructive.

Since the feminine principle is the creative principle we often shun and invalidate all creative expression in ourselves as well as in nature and we distrust what we do not understand.

Labeling everything “God” that we do not understand makes sense out of Chaos and turn creative energy into a “design” with a “purpose”.

Let us examine how we have abandoned and even stigmatize the feminine creative principle by enslaving the creative drive to the cold intellect.

We can start with the myth of the Goddess Kali.

To be continued...