Non Duality

Non Duality


One Taste


If you never put anything in your cup it can not overflow

There is no "Spoon” to stir your tea or put sugar in it

Tea is the one taste

There is "no spoon" ...but there is no cup either

The tea flows if you watch it. It overflows if you pour it into the cup and keep on pouring Remember the mad tea party? What is Samsara but a mad tea party?

The tea flows if you drink the tea it flows through you It can burn you or be bitter and need sweetening

So what is the taste of tea?

It is the one taste.

If you taste it plain you may find it bitter if you add sugar you may find it sweet…

 But how much sugar do you add? How much is too much? What if the tea is in less concentration? Don’t steep it so long

It is less dark therefore less bitter but...

 How light before it is not tea? Before you lose the taste of tea?

What if you keep steeping it and stirring the tea bag in the water? What if you keep adding tea bags?

How dark before the taste of tea is drowned in bitterness?

 Have you ever tasted perfect tea?

Not too sweet not to bitter Not too strong or weak?

 Bet you don't remember anything about how it was made

Why does good water taste like good tea?

The "perfect water taste like the "perfect" tea.


The one taste.

Yet one taste like water and one taste like tea.

But the perfect taste is the one taste.


Whether it be tea or water your senses pick out the one taste from them both.


In music when you feel "ALIVE" you feel at one with your soul.

And no one questions it; not the most cynical atheist nihilist or materialist can deny the one taste.

Your sixth sense bleeds through the matrix waking you slowly with the bells of awakening.

Deja vu is your alarm clock.

Compare your most unnerving least explainable lucid experiences whether dream induced drug induced or just paying attention right "Now”.

Try and find the differences.

Now question those differences.

Is the one taste coming through yet?

When you think you got "it" Don’t relax Don’t pat yourself on the back Don’t indulge in fears of what is next (There is no "next" in the Now) Taste the perfectness in your uncomfortablness underneath the pain behind you in through the out door into the unknown


The unknown isn’t unreachable just unspeakable.

What is the difference between the one taste and love?

What does perfection taste like?

Can you taste the tea underneath the bitter and the sweet yet?

The tea is in you not the cup

You have to pour it into the cup in order to drink it or do you?

If it is in you and it is flowing, then you are flowing so why pour yourself into a cup at all.

Wake up.

What do you taste like?