God in a Hall of Mirrors

A house of mirrors or hall of mirrors is a traditional attraction at funfairs (carnivals) and amusement parks. The basic concept behind a house of mirrors is to be a maze-like puzzle.[1] In addition to the maze, participants are also given mirrors as obstacles, and glass panes to parts of the maze they cannot yet get to. Sometimes the mirrors may be distorted because of different curves, convex, or concave in the glass to give the participants unusual and confusing reflections of themselves, some humorous and others frightening.

House of mirrors
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Have you ever noticed that we as human being see God as mirror images of ourselves?

As a philosopher I think the idea that that most people I meet find the most offensive is of a God that is not a person. I have often asked myself why. Why do people need a God that can get angry or be in a bad mood? Why do people need a God that is a human at least in feeling?

Do you ever get jealous when people are paying attention to other people more than you? Do you need constant praise to feel good about yourself? Do you get jealous at the idea that someone loves someone more than you?

We all have felt this way at some times especially when we were younger. As we grow older we hopefully get over our insecurities and see these types of feelings for what they are. Petty.

But this goes deeper. Many men have grown up with a father that was violent or more absent than not. All those men wanted growing up was a father that loved them and underneath the anger cared for them. Many women have grown up with abusive brothers and fathers or distant fathers.

But where does this abusive behavior come from?

Many males growing up get their view of protective and aggressive behavior from the God of the Bible and then from Super Heroes and then from Action Movies.

Most males get their ideas from their own fathers and from the bible and from action movies.

Males who take these ideas to the extremes learn to bottle all their emotions and hide their sensitivity as weakness.

Since fear is not acceptable you learn to make others fear you. If you also crave love you try to mix love and fear to create respect.

You look for a woman that worships you and she shall have no other Gods before you. If she loves others you let her know that you are Jealous and want her to love know one more than you.

Taken to the extreme the men in women’s lives can be controlling and demand obedience in exchange for support and protection.

The further you go into the past the more acceptable this type of controlling and abusive relationship was considered and the less embarrassed people were to say that a woman should be obedient to her husband the way her husband is to God.

But it goes even deeper than the relationship between men and women. The way we see God is closely related to how we see ourselves as human beings.

When we go soul searching it is if we are in a Hall of Mirrors mistaking distorting images for our true selves and bumping into invisible obstacles every time we think we have found a way out.

As you confront your own anger it is easy to accept an angry God. As you search for love and praise and acceptance it is easy to see God as seeking the same from his people.

But sometimes your anger is not enough and sometimes your needs are not met. Sometimes you are jealous of others who have different beliefs than you and seem are happier than you. Sometimes your fears overwhelm you.

And in these times it may be comforting to you to fear God.

This in your mind may lead you to have the strength to change what you do not like about yourself.

But by doing so you may come face to face with others that do not believe the way you do and will not make the changes you think they should. So you spread the fear. You tell them that they better fear your God and this gives you the power over other people’s lives that you are seeking because you do not feel power over your own life.

You must remember that there is no love in fear and there is no fear in love. Anyone that tells you to fear God does not truly know God.

If you would dare look inside at your own fears you would see that what you see as you is only a small part of who you are.

All fear hatred and anger comes from the same source. Your insecurities about yourself.

All anger is self-anger all hatred is self-hatred. When you are angry at your wife you are really deep down angry at yourself. When you hate women/men or people of a different race or gays underneath all this hatred is self-hatred.

Now let’s go a little deeper still.

How do you see God?

Because that is how you see yourself.

One of our biggest fears as human beings is not to be treated as a person. Or worse to think of ourselves as mere process of our own brains. If all your feelings can be reduced to chemical reactions in your brain then who are you?

If all your hopes and dreams and needs and desires and beliefs are just behavior influenced by environment and genetics then how can we said to be free? If you are your body then when your body dies you die. If you are your brain then what is your soul?

Most people stop thinking after they deny that they are just a body or a brain.

Once a person feels they are free of the delusion that they are just material bodies or the process of the brain… and they are perfectly happy accepting themselves as minds with needs and desires beliefs and dreams.

So this is how they see God.

A person with desires for the world to be a certain way. A father protector figure that both protects and provides to those who are obedient. A father that can become very angry and will punish those who do not believe in him or praise him.

But what if when you look under the illusion of self you do not stop with seeing yourself as a material body or the process of your brain as the illusion?

What if you fearlessly look deeper still to see if this “self” or ego is really who you are? What if you start to notice that you still exist when there is a gap between your thoughts?

If you are not your thoughts then who are you?

What if all your desires and attachments and fears are covering up who you truly are?

Very few people ever even try to go this deep and so very few people can even comprehend a God bigger themselves.

A God that sees no color that is not beautiful.

A God that is all love with no judgement.

A God that is not attached to thoughts beliefs or desires. A God that transcends the ego or personal. A God that sees all living beings as part of him/herself.

A God that sees all beings suffering as his/her own suffering. A God that who’s only purpose is to eliminate suffering in all living beings. A God that is the source of all that is. A God that ultimately is source of Love itself.

Until you find out who you are you will not be able to see God this way because we all see God as we see ourselves.