I  am always interested in the views and opinions of my readers.

I maintain a Forum for discussion on Philosophy and related issues. Links for my forum are on my Debate page.


Chat Room

OK I am trying something new.

If you just want to chat with me or other members of my Forum all you have to do is visit the Buddha Lounge. 

I have two ways you can visit the Buddha Lounge. 

1. You can enter into my forum by that name and post on the message board.


2. You can enter the Buddha Lounge through  

 ...and talk with other members in real time.

If you want to Chat ...

you will have to get a Spin Chat Membership and apply for my Group.

So please register for Spin Chat then click button below.





 I call this the Buddha Lounge because I want people to be able to come in here and and know that we are all mindful and compassionate.

Although the atmosphere here should be casual we are philosophers and spiritual people so this should be obvious. Listening is key here. The more carefully you listen to others the better place this will be.


Below is my Forum. It is a Message Board and has no chat rooms.


Message Board





I am well aware with the struggles of being a beginning writer.  I myself am working on a book currently which you can read the preface page on the Coming Books page.

I myself have not been published yet. But I am working on a book currently as I said before and I do have a forum where writers can meet to discuss their craft and writer related topics. So I will link the writers forum and the forum for book discussion on my writers page. You can enter that part of my site by clicking on the link below.

If you still feel the need to contact me you can reach me at my email for my site by clicking the link below.