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Brian Gordon.

I am a philosopher and writer with a goal of reaching out to this world and challenging what is taken to be the only way or the dualistic viewpoint that creates the other.

I was born September 18th 1970.  I grew up in Houston Texas until I was 16. Then my family told me that I was actually born in Annapolis Maryland. At 16.

I was raised Baptist by a former practicing Catholic. Much to my mother’s chagrin this did not work. My father came from a Jewish background and did not practice anything in particular. This did not shape me but failed to shape me.

I was interested in mythology at a very young age and was studying comparative religion and philosophy by 16.

Yes age 16 was a turning point for me. As an Atheist I  was not impressed by Theological arguments for God. Yet even so I intuitively knew that the soul was something real and self-evident. Since then I have abandoned regular Atheism for Pantheism. As a result I have come to see Atheism as a rejection of religion and dogma not a rejection of God. 

I no longer reject God as real. I see God as The Source of all that IS. But I still reject all religious concepts of God. I am now trying to give voice to a New Movement called Spiritual Atheists or Spiritual Atheism.  

I also want to open up discussions for other heretics. To me Heretic is a complement. Socrates being one of the first Heretics is the main Philosopher that I try to emulate. Another Heretic I admire is Jesus. He taught things that today's Christians would consider Heresy. Jesus had teachings on both Pantheism and Reincarnation that were suppressed by the Churches in power. 

These are my main teachers Jesus, Buddha, and Socrates. Because of this each one of these teachers will get a page on my website. 

There is a movement in Christianity called Progressive Christianity. 

Progressive Christianity is an open, intelligent, and collaborative approach to the Christian tradition and the life and teachings of Jesus that creates a pathway into an authentic and relevant religious experience.

I would replace the  word religious with spiritual. But that is because I support the growing community of Spiritual Atheist and those who call themselves spiritual but not religious. 

I was studying Anthropology very deeply when the Internet first came into being. I was studying the discipline so deeply that a college professor at Maryland University College Park after a long correspondence on Anthropological topics invited me to speak at his University.

Needless to say at 16 I was not ready. I did not inform him I was 16. I simply cut off all contact. In retrospect I realized this was a serious mistake. But I had other issues of a very spiritual nature that needed to be addressed.

And so I took on the study of Shamanism. Through the experiences I had I was a changed man and realized that religion and not spirituality was the problem. Once I accomplished what needed to be done I moved away from searching for a Shaman teacher and began an interest in Zen.

I am currently a student of Namkhai Norbu and I have received transmission from my teacher. I am also currently working on a book I intend to publish by 2014. I will add details as they become available.